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Product Update: Licensed rooms and new pricing 🌟

· Lukas Hermann Lukas Hermann

Hey there,

we are raising our prices for new customers and making rooms more useful when you share controller links. And, as we are nearing the end of the year and I feel in a Christmas mood, I’m sharing a few of our stats at the end 😇

Licensed and unlicensed rooms

If you like to share the controller link with others, then you’ll love this change! Essentially, as long as you, the owner of a room, have a pro subscription, everyone with the link can use the timer with all its features. You don’t have to share your login credentials anymore 😄

Unlicensed room: Shows the logo and "unlicensed" in the timer window
Unlicensed room: Shows the logo and “unlicensed” in the timer window

When a room is licensed, then the Stagetimer logo and the “UNLICENSED” tag are automatically removed.

Licensed room: Stagetimer Logo is removed, all functions are enabled
Licensed room: Stagetimer Logo is removed, all functions are enabled

Some functions, like customizing the background and logo or generating an API key are limited to the room owner. So if you share the controller link others can’t cause havoc. A room is licensed if the room owner has a paid subscription.

New pricing

This update adds a $10 “Event” package that is a one-off purchase granting you pro status for 10 days. This is meant specifically for people who only do events every now and then and just need a Stagetimer license for a single event.

In addition, prices for the pro subscription will increase on December 12, 2021.

  • Pro Monthly $9.90/mo ➡ $15/mo
  • Pro Yearly $8.25/mo ➡ $12/mo

This increase will not affect existing customers. So if you purchase a pro subscription until December 12 you’re locked into the old price.

How we are doing

We increased the pricing because we believe that our free version provides a lot of value already and we want to build a sustainable tool. So I thought it might be nice to share with you some of our stats:

  • 👀 9,900 unique visits (last 30 days)
  • 🚀 1,100 active users (last 30 days)
  • 🌍 from 96 countries
  • 🔑 370 registered users
  • 💳 75 customers
  • 💰 €639 MRR (monthly recurring revenue)
  • ⏳ 1,500 rooms created (containing 2,800 timers and 1,800 messages)
Monthly recurring revenue over time
Monthly recurring revenue over time

Stagetimer is now a year old and outperformed all of my expectations. I really enjoyed working on it and have many more features planned for 2022. Liz wrote a beautiful blog post about building stagetimer.io and what we learned from it, check it out: https://stagetimer.io/blog/building-stagetimerio/

That’s it for release 1.19. As always, feel free to contact us, especially if you find a glitch.

Check out the full list of changes on https://stagetimer.io/changelog/


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