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Features with are only available for users with a Pro plan subscription.

Remote control

Connect many devices to a timer and control them from anywhere through the cloud

Timer presets

Prepare multiple timers for upcoming parts of the event

Speaker messages

Send a message to your speaker and highlight it on their screen

Timer modes

Count down, count up, clock mode, stop the timer at 0:00, or continue counting overtime

Wrap-up time

Change the color when approaching 0:00 to signal the speaker to wrap up

Fullscreen & Responsive

The timer has a fullscreen mode and scales with all screen sizes

Password protected rooms

Protect your viewer and controller links with a password

Custom theming

Customize the background and appearance of your timer

Custom logo

Upload your custom logo, choose size and positioning on the screen


Make the screen black, or just hide the time, with the push of a button

Get set up in 3 easy steps

Free speaker timer for producers, presenters, production teams and conference organizers that runs in the cloud

1. Create a room

Create a room with multiple timers and messages. When logged-in, the room saves all your settings even if you close your browser.

Show a timer and messages to your speakers and control it remotely from anywhere

2. Share the link

Simply share your unique “Viewer” link via Email, WhatsApp, or QR-Code with speakers. You can see all connected devices with connection status.

Use any internet-connected device to share a timer and messages with speakers and team members

3. Run the show

Organize your rundown with pre-programmed timers and ready to display messages. Keep in touch with speakers in real-time.

Development Notes

Current Version: 1.17.3 · Oct 21, 2021

Changelog · Feature Backlog · Known Issues · Uptime Monitor

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