Online Timer for Livestreams

Keep your Livestream on time with a free timer in the browser.
Easy integration with OBS Studio, vMix and StreamDeck.

Create a timer

Free, no signup required

Online timer that can be controlled from any internet-connected device

Stay on schedule during your Livestream

Simplify timing so you can focus on what matters. Keep the streaming in time with an easy-to-use online timer.

  • No downloads
  • No distracting ads
  • No frustration
Importing Stagetimer to OBS

Easily integrate with OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a powerful free open-source software for video recording and live streaming that allows you to import Stagetimer. Check out our guide “How to use with OBS Studio.”

Browser address bar Controller screen for livestreams that runs in the browser

A Livestream timer run entirely in the browser

Don’t worry about last-minute timer downloads or awkward head-turning towards the clock mid-streaming. The timer runs uninterrupted in the browser. Access it from any device at any time.

  • Digital countdown clock with clear numerics
  • No downloads or clock-watching
  • Time of day display
Browser address bar Agenda link to share the program or rundown with others

Share timer with others via link or QR code

Multiple devices? several collaborators? No problem. Share the timer or controller page with a link. Delegate administrative control and allow a team member to display messages and moderate comments.

  • Display timers on multiple devices
  • Use any internet-connected device
  • Share timer with a link or QR code
Browser address bar Show messages on the timer’s display

Broadcast messages to keep everyone informed

Need to make an important statement? Share an update or reminder? Communicate with your team using the live message broadcasting feature.

  • Make important announcements on-demand
  • Inform team in real-time
  • Color-code messages for better comprehension
Browser address bar The timer display can be customized to match your brand

On-brand customizations to personalize your presentation

Tailor your Livestream timers to your brand or organization with a custom logo, color sets, font style and size, timer display settings, and a background image.

  • Customize timer views for best appearance
  • Personalize your Livestream
  • Market your brand

What customers love about Stagetimer

Luke Stein, Ph.D.

Luke Stein, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Finance at Babson College

I'm keeping myself on schedule for teaching online and in-person, and looking forward to using Stagetimer for chairing academic conference sessions, and for student presentations.
Kevin Jung Park
Kevin Jung Park

General Manager at Park Pixel AS

We are a marketing material and content production company and primarily use the in-built production clock in vMix, but the timer and ease of access on Stagetimer is a lot better for our presenters.


Randal Southam
Randal Southam

Founder & Creative Director at Southam Creative

We have been struggling with stage timers and is a BRILLIANT solution, and I just wanted to say thanks! Best money I've spent this year, and I'm stoked!

Enjoy all the essential functions for free. Need all features for a one-time Livestream? Pay a one-time flat fee and get full access for 10 days. Or, get a monthly subscription (save 20% annually) for ongoing access to our all features and capabilities.


Use a set of basic features for free


No signup required

3 timers and messages per room
API access
Custom logo
Custom theming
10-day access, no subscription


Perfect for professional events and productions


Billed monthly

Unlimited timers and messages
Custom theming


For power users needing full visual control


Billed monthly

Unlimited timers and messages


For large businesses, get priority support, custom invoice, custom terms and payment via reseller.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I use Stagetimer with any device?

Stagetimer can be used with any internet-connected device and does not require download. However, it works best with up-to-date devices and browsers. Old devices may have issues loading the webpage. Check our recommended system requirements to learn more.

Can I schedule a timer to start automatically?

Yes, you can always start a timer at a specific time and date. To do so, click the gear icon on the individual timer, select the “Scheduled” trigger, select a time, and optionally a date. When left empty, the date will be automatically defined as the same day or the next day if that time is already passed.

Can I upload my own agenda or rundown?

You don’t have to enter all the information manually to create timers if you already have an agenda or rundown of your event, meeting, or presentation. Upload the CSV file by clicking on “Menu” → ”CSV Import”.

Is there a count-up option?

There are several options for timer appearance, including count-up. To select this option, click on the dropdown menu below the duration on the individual timer and select “Count Up”.

Can I share the event agenda with others?

Yes. Every room comes ready with a shareable agenda link for collaborators, staff, or attendees to access anytime. You can also send collaborative links to team members and delegate administrative tasks during the Livestream.

Can I use sounds to alert when it’s wrap-up time?

You can select a chime to sound at the wrap-up time for each timer. There’s even the option to use different chimes at three different moments during the wrap-up time so speakers are reminded that the time is almost up.

Is it possible to only show the clock (time of day)?

Yes, you can display only the clock (time of day). Click on the dropdown menu below the duration of a timer. You can then select different timer appearances, including time of day or a combination of ToD and a countdown or count-up timer.

Can I use an API to control Stagetimer?

Yes, you can find all the endpoints and commands in the API Documentation. This allows you to use Stagetimer with StreamDeck and Companion, scripts, and macros. There is a Companion plugin available. Just search for “Lukas Hermann Stagetimer”.


Stagetimer is the best solution for live streaming, webinars, and meetings. It is a cloud-based software that requires no downloads and is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux. Make timing easy with countdown, count up, and time of the day. You can organize your agenda using multiple timers that can be scheduled and auto-triggered. Keep everybody in the loop using several screens and devices simultaneously. Show messages and alerts instantly and keep your Livestream on time with a few clicks.