Keep your event on time,
without downloads.

A timer you can share with your presenters and production team via link.

Create a timer

Free, no signup required

Browser address bar Controller screen for producers and production teams that runs in the cloud

Run timers for your event production in the cloud

Perfect tool for show operators and event production professionals. No need for cables connecting screens across the venue.

  • Use any internet-connected device
  • Runs entirely in the browsers
  • No HDMI or SDI splitters required
Browser address bar Timer screen for your speakers that can be controlled remotely from anywhere

Timing and communication made easy

Simplify your rundown with pre-programmed timers and ready to display messages. No more paper signs or running back and forth to restart timers.

  • Control timers remotely
  • Share timer with a link or QR code
  • Show messages and alerts to speakers
Use any internet-connected device to share a timer and messages with speakers and team members

For on-site events and across time zones

Display a countdown, count up or time of day with one click. The easiest solution for on-site and virtual events.

  • Customazible timers
  • Schedule and create a sequence of multiple timers
  • Works seamlessly with different time zones


Randal Southam
Randal Southam

Founder & Creative Director at Southam Creative

We have been struggling with stage timers and is a BRILLIANT solution, and I just wanted to say thanks! Best money I've spent this year, and I'm stoked!

Stagetimer’s speaker timer has some of the most affordable pricing. Enjoy all the essential conference-management functions for free.

Need our premium conference timer for a one-time event? Pay a one-time flat fee and get full-time access for 10 days. Or, pay a small monthly subscription (save 20% annually) for ongoing access to our full-suite public speaking timers to create and manage your conferences.


Use a set of basic features for free


No signup required

3 timers and messages per room
API access
Custom logo
Custom theming
10-day access, no subscription


Perfect for professional events and productions


Billed monthly

Unlimited timers and messages
Custom theming


For power users needing full visual control


Billed monthly

Unlimited timers and messages


For large businesses, get priority support, custom invoice, custom terms and payment via reseller.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a speaker timer?

A speaker timer is a tool that can be used to efficiently conduct remote, in-person or virtual meetings, events and conferences by providing speakers with the ability to easily see how much time they have left to speak. You can set multiple timers for different speakers, send messages to speakers, and automate show flows.

Can I use Stagetimer with any device?

Stagetimer can be used with any internet-connected device and does not require download. However, it works best with up to date devices and browsers. Old devices may have issues loading the webpage.

What are a speaker clock’s benefits?

A speaker timer automation tool provides companies with an easy way to plan and manage the schedule of their in-person or virtual events and meetings, making them more effective by keeping speakers on track.

A countdown timer accurately measures the time of a presenter so time-strict events can prevent lagging behind schedule. As an event coordinator or project manager, you can set up event flows on autopilot with Stagetimer’s scheduling or trigger features. That way you don’t have to sit and monitor every single speaker session and switch sessions manually.

A stage timer is also a cool and simple way to consistently market your brand or product throughout an event as users will constantly look at the speaker timer.

Who uses a speaker timer tool?

A speaker timer can be used by anyone who wants to conduct successful virtual and on-site events with minimal disruptions. So we're talking event production managers and staff, conference organizers, audiovisual professionals, and live-streaming or media production staff who want an automated way to see who's talking and how much time they have left.

What are some use-cases for a speaker timer?

A speaker timer is essential for in-person events, virtual meetings, online presentations, and live-streamed broadcasts. So if you're organizing any sort of event like this, you should be using a speech timer to make sure things run smoothly every time.

An automated timer makes it easy to give everyone an equal chance to speak whenever necessary, by providing participants with an allotted time for their input.

Can I share the event agenda with others?

Yes. Every room comes ready with a shareable agenda link for your attendees to access anytime. You can also send collaborative links to team members and delegate administrative tasks during events.


Stagetimer is the best solution for your event production. It is a cloud-based software that requires no downloads and is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux. Make timing easy with countdown, count up, and time of the day. You can organize your event in a simple rundown using multiple timers that can be scheduled and auto-triggered. Keep your production team in the loop using several screens and devices simultaneously. Show messages and alerts to speakers instantly and keep your event on time with a few clicks.