Getting started

Quick Intro is a cloud-based professional timer specifically designed for live and hybrid event productions. Any internet-capable device can use it and works on all screen sizes and orientations.

Key features are:

  • Sharable links for the controller, viewer and agenda
  • Import tables from Microsoft Excel or Google Scheets via CSV
  • Schedule timers, link them together and change color when approaching 0:00
  • Customizable fonts, colors and logo

This video shows a quick walkthrough:

How to create a timer?

First, create a timer with this link. You don't need an account to create a timer. But if you sign up, it saves the timer on your dashboard.

Create a timer

You are now on the timer's controller page. Click on the "Share" button and copy the link for the viewer. You can share this link with your talents or use it with tools like OBS or vMix.

What's next?

Check out the documentation pages detailing the use of Stagetimer:

Additionaly, there are detailed how-to guides to use with Bitfocus Companion and the Streamdeck, as well as OBS Studio.