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Product Update 2.6: Manage connected devices 🎛 🖥

· Lukas Hermann Lukas Hermann

Introducing Version 2.6 of Stagetimer with the following changes:

  • New page: Connected Devices. See all devices connected to any of your rooms.
  • Connected device names are saved, even when changing rooms or views
  • Panels on the controller page are now resizable
  • The “Reset/Select Timer” button is now always visible, not just on big screens
  • Layout of the moderator page is improved

To make it less boring I asked an AI to write this product update in the voice of a Mark Twain adventure story.

Page with all the connected devices

Lukas had always been a bright young boy, and he was always tinkering with things. So it was no surprise to anyone when he announced that he was going to write a feature that would help people find all the devices that were connected to their rooms. With this tool, people could also rename devices and control them remotely.

Lukas got to work right away, and within a few days he had a working prototype. He showed it to his friends, and they were impressed. “This is amazing, Lukas!” they said. “You’re going to be a rich man!”

Lukas was very excited about his invention, and he couldn’t wait to show it to his parents. “Mom, Dad, look what I made!” he said as he proudly showed them his prototype.

His parents were not as impressed as his friends. “It’s nice, Lukas, but what does it do?” they asked.

Lukas was taken aback. He thought his invention was obvious. “Look, you can see all the devices connected to your rooms,” he explained. “You can even change the name of each of them.”

Lukas’s parents looked at each other and then back at Lukas. “That’s nice, son,” his father said, “but I don’t think people will use that.”

Lukas was disappointed, but he didn’t give up. He knew his invention was good, and he was determined to prove his parents wrong.

He spent the next few weeks making improvements to his design. He made it so you can click “Identify” and each device would show its name. He also added a button to switch devices from one room to the other, all remotely.

Finally, he was ready to show his parents again. This time, they were impressed.

“Lukas, this is amazing,” his mother said. “I can’t believe you made all of these improvements.”

“I knew you could do it, son,” his father said. “Now let’s get this thing released.”

And that’s how Stagetimer’s Connected Devices feature was born.

Panels on the controller page are now resizable

One day, I was checking out Stagetimer when I came across the controller page. It looked different than usual. Instead of being a fixed size, it looked like I could resize sections of it by clicking and dragging.

I played around with the website for a while, expanding and shrinking sections, until I came across a section that suddenly disappeared. I looked again but it was gone. Instead, there were now two buttons on the right side.

The first button said “Timers” and it was already highlighted.

The second button said “Messages”. I clicked it and the section with timers disappeared and messages appeared instead.

I played around with the website for a while longer, expanding and shrinking sections, until I got bored and decided to move on to something else.

But I’ll always remember that website and the fun I had resizing the sections.

Well, I don’t want to occupy your time any longer. Thanks for reading my product updates. I’m putting a lot of work into them.

That’s it for release 2.6. As always, feel free to contact us, especially if you find a bug or have helpful feedback.

Check out the full list of changes on https://stagetimer.io/changelog/


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