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Introducing Stagetimer's New Sync Delay Feature

· Lukas Hermann Lukas Hermann

Dear Stagetimer User,

We’re excited to announce that Stagetimer now includes a sync delay feature for viewer and agenda pages!

Add a delay when sharing a link
Easily add a delay when sharing a link

This highly-requested feature is perfect for livestreaming environments, such as when a different language stream has a 30-second delay. You can now set a viewer on that delay, allowing them to see timers or messages with a 30-second offset.

Connected devices with a delay
View connected devices with a delay

You can easily identify delayed devices and their specific delay times in the connected devices list.

Good news: this feature is available on all plan types!

This feature was introduced with version 2.8.12. To see the full list of changes, visit our changelog at https://stagetimer.io/changelog/.

Best regards,

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