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Product Update 2.10: Timezone Chooser 🌍⏰

· Lukas Hermann Lukas Hermann

Hey everyone, we got a handy little update for you—say hello to the timezone chooser popup in Stagetimer.

Screenshot of timezone chooser modal
Timezone Chooser Modal next to the Controller’s clock

Why You Need This

If you’re part of an international team, you know the hassle of coordinating across time zones. That’s where this comes in. It lets you unify timestamps in a single timezone. And if your browser messes up your timezone, you can fix it manually.

How to Use It

The Controller page now has a clickable timezone next to the clock, under the transport controls. Click it and you get a modal to switch from the auto-detect to your chosen timezone.

Screenshot of clickable timezone next to clock
Clickable timezone text next to the clock on Controller page

The update is available after a page reload.

Who Can Use It?

The timezone chooser is available to paid and free user.

The Tech Bit

For the tech-curious, this feature uses the ‘date-fns-tz’ package along with Vue and Node.js.

What Happens to Old Rooms?

Don’t worry, your old rooms will still use the browser’s default timezone. You’ll have to manually switch to use the new feature.

CSV Exports?

Your CSV exports will also be in the chosen timezone now. Before, they were in UTC. Oh, and the CSV says what timezone it’s in. Handy, right?

Some Caveats

This is still experimental. It should work, but bugs can happen. If you spot any, let us know.

What’s Next?

Team accounts are coming. You’ll be able to invite people and share your rooms. Stay tuned.

Teaser image for upcoming features
Teaser image showing an “Invite Team” button in the dashboard

That’s it. Go check it out and let us know what you think.

Lukas from Stagetimer

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