Keep your conference on time
from anywhere.

Put a timer in front of your speakers and control it in your browser from any phone or computer

Create a timer

Free, no signup required

Controller screen for conference organisers and event professionals that runs in the cloud

Timer for conferences that runs entirely in the browser

Cloud-based timer that can be used from anywhere. Keep speakers on time at one or multiple locations.

  • No downloads
  • No cables
  • No frustration
Timer screen for your speakers that can be controlled remotely from anywhere

Run your event effortlessly

Keep your program on track with multiple timers and communicate with speakers through messages on their screen.

  • Control timers remotely
  • Share timer with a link or QR code
  • Show messages and alerts to speakers
Use any internet-connected device to share a timer and messages with speakers and team members

On-site or virtual

Perfect for on-site and virtual events. Works seamlessly with international timezones so no worries when timing speakers from around the world.

  • Customazible timers
  • Schedule and create a sequence of multiple timers
  • Works seamlessly with different time zones

Stagetimer is the best solution for conferences and event professionals. It is a cloud-based software that requires no downloads and is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux. Make timing easy with countdown, count up, and time of the day. You can organize your event program using multiple timers that can be scheduled and auto-triggered. Keep your team in the loop using several screens and devices simultaneously. Show messages and alerts to speakers instantly and keep your event on time with a few clicks.