The easiest way for studios to time speakers

Show a countdown or message to your speaker, easily control it from anywhere.

Create a timer

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Laptop with stagetimer controller page

How other people use

Stagetimer projected it to a wall in the studio
Dashcom projected it to a wall in the studio
Stagetimer on a Raspberry Pi
Pat from build a Raspberry Pi rig
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It runs entirely in the browser

Controller page for the supervisor or operator

What the supervisor sees

Viewer screen for the speaker

What the speaker sees

Stagetimer is software that runs in the browser. It has a controller page to start and stop timers, show messages, change settings and customize the look. Each room then provides you with a link for a fullscreen timer that you can use on any device or share with others. You can just create a room for free and try for yourself.

No need for those Extron tweakers

Using this app is simple and inexpensive. You don't need to buy additional hardware. Any internet-connected device can do it. No HDMI or SDI splitters are required.

The app's main purpose is to show a countdown or message that fills the whole screen. Whoever has the link can view the countdown.

I'm actively improving this app with new features requested by real users like you. Here's a list of things people requested and their priorities.

Use Stagetimer with a tablet or phone


Scan the QR code with a tablet and place it in front of the speaker.

Use Stagetimer with a spare laptop


Finally a purpose for your old laptop. Connect it to a bigger screen if necessary.

Use Stagetimer with a cheap Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

No laptop or tablet at hand? Buy a $35 Raspberry Pi and connect it to a screen.

How I came up with it

The maker, Lukas Hermann

Hey, I'm Lukas Hermann.

I was visiting my friend's studio to set up some IT hardware. He was using an old timer app on a spare laptop and always had to run into the recording room to start the countdown timer and then run out again.

I was thinking “Surely there is a nifty online app for this problem that just syncs through the cloud.” But I couldn't find one. I almost couldn't believe it!

So I made a simple prototype that weekend, using my experience as a software developer. The post about it on Reddit got a good response. This is when I decided to make it available online.

This app is a great way for me to learn the ins and outs of building a product and running a business. And I love building useful things for AV professionals like you.

Feel free to check out my personal blog or follow me on Twitter @_lhermann.

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