Free Countdown Timer for Webinars

A better alternative to spreadsheets and external online timers for webinars.

Stagetimer replaces 4 different apps and browser windows. Keep your webinars on time easily with the agenda, countdown timer, messaging, and audience questions in one cloud-based platform. Also available for Windows and Mac.

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Camera and greenscreen setup

Great webinars are well-planned and on time

All the features you need to plan and stay in control of the agenda

Shareable links on Stagetimer

Collaborate with anyone remotely

Whether you鈥檙e planning a panel discussion, Q&A, single-speaker presentation, or interview - you can plan the agenda, rehearse, and keep track of timings in one place.

Just share a secret link with your team and presenters so they can collaborate and manage the timers remotely.

Make live time changes on Stagetimer

Handle delays and live changes with ease

With Stagetimer, handling over or under-runs to your webinar is as easy as updating the timer. Automatic time calculations instantly reflect new timings across all devices.

Need to add, remove, or change a segment? Just drag-and-drop timer blocks. The timer syncs with all changes, so you don鈥檛 have to do extra work.

Show messages to presenters

Send messages directly to presenters

Avoid the risk of messages getting missed! Send direct messages to presenters that show up alongside the countdown timer. Moderators and timekeepers can prompt presenters to wrap up or signal transitions. Show or hide messages as needed.

Live audience Q&A submission link

Live audience Q&A submission

Take questions from a live audience. The built-in question submission feature generates a unique link and QR code for participants to submit their questions. Moderate the submissions, reorder and show them one at a time to the presenter.

Stagetimer can be used on any device

Works on any device

Stagetimer runs in the browser and can be used alongside all webinar platforms. No need to download or install additional software.

Colleagues and co-hosts can easily follow the agenda and timer on their mobile devices or laptops. Supports multi-time zones.

Only hosting a few webinars?

If you're running ad-hoc or seasonal webinars, avoid getting locked into yearly plans or bulky software with unnecessary features!

Get a 30-day Pro or Premium license. All the features you need with no subscriptions to cancel.

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What customers love about Stagetimer

So happy to have found Stagetimer! The timer is absolutely amazing and we had excellent feedback for our event!
Nou Nou Naouar

Nou Nou Naouar

Project Coordinator at People

I'm keeping myself on schedule for teaching online and in-person, and looking forward to using Stagetimer for chairing academic conference sessions, and for student presentations.
Luke Stein, Ph.D.

Luke Stein, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Finance at Babson College

We recently used Stagetimer and we were so impressed! The presenters were able to keep track of their time very easily and kept the event on schedule. Love that you could set the color of the timer at different times, the flash feature helped grab the attention of the presenter and to have a chime at the end was just what we were looking for. We loved that we could have several timers set up in advance, too.
Jacenda Gilman

Jacenda Gilman

Administrative Assistant at Purdue University

I run a performing arts venue. I needed a new app to be able to control timers in odd spots from a couple different locations. After testing your app on the free version, I saw it had all the capabilities I needed, it was a great fit for how we run timers for shows, and the price was great.
Anthony Horner

Anthony Horner

Technical Director at a performing arts venue

Leave error-prone formulas and manual time calculations behind

A flexible webinar timer and agenda for virtual events and live or pre-recorded webinars.

Download the free webinar agenda template here.

Example of a webinar agenda on Stagetimer
Example of a webinar agenda on Stagetimer

Stagetimer replaces spreadsheets, isolated timers, and chaotic messaging across multiple apps.

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We have plans to suit various budgets and needs. The starter plan is always free and has zero ads.

Frequently asked questions

Can I program or schedule the webinar timer?


You can program Stagetimer by scheduling multiple timers or linking them together so that one starts right when the other one ends. This feature is available on the web version, as well as the Windows and Mac versions. You can also start a timer at a specific time and date by clicking the gear icon on the individual timer, selecting the "Scheduled" trigger, and choosing a time and date. If the time has already passed, the date will be automatically set for the next day. This automation tool is useful for creating a series of timed events or presentations.

Can attendees send questions to the presenter?


Simply share the link or QR code available on the controller page (right under the message column) and your audience will be able to send questions that will automatically turn into messages. You can then edit and reorganize the order of the messages and show them one at a time to speakers.

Can I use Stagetimer for free?


You can use Stagetimer for free. The free version of Stagetimer allows you to use all of the basic features, including creating and running timers, scheduling timers, and linking timers together. However, the free version does not include access to the Pro and Premium features, such as additional customization options, importing and exporting timer data, and real-time control of timers from more than three devices at the same time.

What is a webinar timer?

A webinar timer is a tool that can be used to efficiently conduct remote, in-person or virtual webinars, events and conferences by providing speakers with the ability to easily see how much time they have left to speak. You can set multiple timers for different speakers, send messages to speakers, and automate show flows.

What are some use-cases for a speaker timer?

A webinar timer is essential for in-person events, virtual webinars, online presentations, and live-streamed broadcasts. So if you're organizing any sort of event like this, you should be using a speech timer to make sure things run smoothly every time.

An automated timer makes it easy to give everyone an equal chance to speak whenever necessary, by providing participants with an allotted time for their input.

Can I use Stagetimer with any device?


You can use Stagetimer with any device that has an up-to-date web browser. This includes desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Stagetimer is a web-based application, so you do not need to download or install any software to use it. Simply visit the Stagetimer website in your web browser and you will be able to use all of the features of the web version. You can also use Stagetimer offline on a Mac or Windows computer by downloading the offline version of the app.

Can I share the event agenda with others?


Every room comes ready with a shareable agenda link for your attendees to access anytime. You can also send collaborative links to team members and delegate administrative tasks during events.

What are the benefits of a webinar clock?

A webinar timer automation tool like Stagetimer is an essential tool for companies looking to plan and manage the schedule of their in-person or virtual events and webinars. These tools help make events more effective by keeping speakers on track, ensuring that time-strict events stay on schedule. As an event coordinator or project manager, you can set up event flows on autopilot with Stagetimer's scheduling or trigger features, so you don't have to manually switch between speaker sessions. In addition to keeping events running smoothly, a stage timer is also a simple way to consistently market your brand or product throughout an event, as users will constantly be looking at the timer.

Who uses a webinar timer tool?

A webinar timer can be used by anyone who wants to conduct successful virtual and on-site events with minimal disruptions. So we're talking event production managers and staff, conference organizers, audiovisual professionals, and live-streaming or media production staff who want an automated way to see who's talking and how much time they have left.