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Product Update 2.11: New Team Features & API Enhancements ✨🛠️

· Lukas Hermann Lukas Hermann

Quick Summary

  • Team Integration: Introducing new pricing plans with team member addition.
  • Simplified Pricing: Monthly plans replaced by more flexible 30-day event plans.
  • Public API Enhancement: Ability to create and update timers and messages.
  • Upcoming: Companion module update aligned with new API features.

Special Year-End Offer: Get an additional 20% discount on the first year of the Pro and Premium annual subscriptions – a total savings of over 50% compared to the per-month price. Apply the promo code TEAM2023 at checkout. The offer is valid until Dec 31.

New Team Functionality

UI to manage team members

Stagetimer introduces new team functionality, allowing you to create and manage teams for better collaboration. This new feature enables inviting team members, assigning roles, and adjusting management rights. It’s designed to improve organization and access control of rooms and timers, enhancing the collaborative aspect of event management.

All plans start with one user and additional members can be added at 50% of the base plan cost.

Billing System Overhaul

New simplified pricing table

We’ve overhauled our billing system to provide more clarity and control. The monthly plan has been dropped in favor of a no-subscription 30-day event plan. Additionally, there’s a simple way to upgrade your Event plan from Pro to Premium by just paying the difference. We’ve also made invoices more accessible, available as a PDF attachment and for download, with improved visibility for your transaction history and billing details.

Pricing Changes:

PlanOld PricingNew Pricing
Pro Yearly$180/year$180/year
Pro Monthly$19/month (Removed)-
Pro Event$15 for 10 days$24 for 30 days
Premium Yearly$348/year$360/year
Premium Monthly$36/month (Removed)-
Premium Event$29 for 10 days$48 for 30 days

The rationale behind these changes is to avoid the high transaction fees connected to payments below $20 and to cater better to our two main use-cases:

  1. Users who need the tool for a one-time event now have a relaxed 30 days and don’t have to remember to cancel a subscription.
  2. Power users get the full year as subscription for a much lower price than buying 12 individual months.

Enhanced Public API v1

Updated API documentation

The Public API has been enhanced with new features. You can now create, update and delete timers and messages through the API. Additionally, the API has been simplified to hide currently shown messages without requiring an argument.

Check out the full documentation: https://stagetimer.io/docs/api-v1/#endpoint-create_timer

Companion Module Update

A new companion module will be available with the next official companion release. This update includes new presets for creating timers, creating messages, displaying Hour/Minute/Second separately and showing the timezone.

Check out the updated documentation: https://stagetimer.io/docs/integration-with-streamdeck-companion/#presets

That’s it. Go check it out and let us know what you think.

Lukas from Stagetimer

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